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Smart RGB CCT LED Bulb

For a comfortable ambiente at home when watching tv I bought a few LED bulbs. My intention was to flash them with tasmota and integrate them into my domoticz smart home system.

WiFi Bulb with packaging

After about 2 weeks the lamps were delivered (I ordered them on aliexpress) and I tried to flash the new firmware using tuya-convert. Because tuya-convert didn’t work after several attempts I had to go the hard way…

only clipped cover

I opend the bulb with a small screwdriver and removed carfully the led circuit board. In the figure you can see the LED board with the RGB, cold white and warm white leds.

the LED circuit board was fixed with some silicon

Then I soldered a few wires to the marked testpoints on the back of the wifi circuit board. For flashing the ESP8285 we need RX, TX, IO0 and the power supply pins 3.3V and Ground.

USB – Serial Adapter and soldered wires

Flashing over the serial connection was no problem. I reassembled the bulb and screwed it into a suitable socket. The next step was to find out which color is controlled by which gpio pin. I tested every gpio pin with the setting pwm1 in tasmota and slowly the table filled up:

Color	| GPIO		| PWM
R	| D1 / GPIO5	| PWM1	
G	| D2 / GPIO4	| PWM2	
B	| D5 / GPIO14	| PWM3	
CW	| D6 / GPIO12	| PWM4	
WW	| D7 / GPIO13	| PWM5	

Finally i only had to enter the settings in tasmota and create a suitable domoticz device.

tasmota settings
domoticz settings, type „Color Switch – RGBWWZ“
bulb lights up with the settings above

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