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fingerprint and RFID reading system

A while ago i purchased a fingerprint reader module called dy50 or fpm10a on aliexpress. A PN532 RFID module has also been lying in the tray for some time. So i decided to build a combined fingerprint and RFID reading module with a self developed and self printed housing.

The controller inside is a wemos d1 mini (esp8266 wifi module on-board). On the controller is a tasmota version with fingerprint module driver from adafruit. As soon as possible i will commit and push my changes on github I have published my code on github: https://github.com/dhumpf/Tasmota . The software is still in development, but the basic functions adding a fingerprint, deleting a fingerprint, send the fingerprint data over mqtt to the home controller (domoticz installation) works already.

The total printing time of the enclosure was about 7 hours on the 3D printer. The 3d files will also be published soon I have published the files on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4362609.

But now some pictures of the whole thing:

3D Printed enclosure from the inside with the voltage regulator, controller board wemos d1 mini, PN532 RFID reader and fingerprint module DY50
Enclosure with RFID tag
Pinheader description on PCB and connections between the components

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i think i found the error:
you need to to copy the „user_config_override_sample.h“ to „user_config_override.h“ and add the following lines:


// — Master parameter control ——————–
#define CFG_HOLDER 4620 // [Reset 1] Change this value to load SECTION1 configuration parameters to flash

#ifndef USE_DY50 // Add support for DY50
#define USE_DY50


I will send you a compiled binary.

Best regards,


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