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spot welding #2

When i wanted to continue with the zero cross detector and a triac i quickly realized that the zero crossing was not detected well enough. So i search in the net and found another circuit on https://www.dextrel.net/design-ideas-2/mains-zero-crossing-detector.html (08.06.2020). I altered the circuit a little bit (see schematic) and checked the signal with the oszilloscope.

zero crossing detector schematic
perfect edge at the zero crossing

Perfect! With the triac circuit below i am now able to dim a light bulb or some other resistive load.

triac circuit
Arduino, zero crossing detector and triac circuit
dimm to 25%

The next step would be to design a printed circuit board – or to buy the almost same controller circuit board on aliexpress, with two poti, a stm microcontroller (STM8S003F3P6), a seven-segment display, a really powerfull triac (BTA100): The NY-D01 Board.

NY-D01 Board

With the two potentiometer you can adjust the welding time in 20 ms steps (full sine wave) and the power between 30 and 99% (dimmer). An old 9 volt transformator, a foot switch and electrodes from ebay and i start welding the first lithium cells.

First welding points
3S2P Battery Pack with 3D printed spacer

For the board is also a fitting frontpanel available which i have ordered on aliexpress (not yet delivered…). Connectors for the electrodes are also ordered.

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